The growth and change in technologies is evolving so quickly that it is impossible to keep up with the latest advancement. Our aim at Rose Wood Academy is to provide children with the tools to become digitally resilient. If we educate children on how to recognise the dangers, then they can protect themselves across the vast range of applications, social medias, gaming and live streaming platforms. Our aim is to ensure that children recognise the risk and know how to keep themselves safe in an ever-changing digital world.

Within school, we offer secure platforms for children to communicate in a safe environment. We know that home networks are not always monitored and therefore aim to provide children with a working knowledge of how to be digitally resilient. We teach children to know what these situations may look like, as well as what actions they should take. Parents have a very important role in keeping children safe online, so we also aim to educate them on the risks and what they can do to help ensure their child’s safety.

At Rose Wood, we aim to educate children on being digitally resilient throughout their time at the school. The list of wibsited below are useful to help you support us with keeping your children safe online.


Useful websites



Think U Know


Internet Matters

Common Sense Media

If you are worried about online abuse or the way someone has been communicating online, let CEOP know. CEOP is a department within the Police who specialise in the safety of children online. Click on the button below to report something. You can report as a child, parent, educator or a concerned friend.