The wider Curriculum

Curriculum Intent:

At Rose Wood we have developed a curriculum that is cross curricular and is underpinned by quality literature.  The curriculum is designed to engage and enthral with aspects that are practical and academic and prepare children for the next stage of their life and education.  The curriculum is made up of significant content that focuses on the key knowledge and themes of the national curriculum whilst embedding the key skills needed for study of each subject area or discipline.  For example: in geography the national curriculum themes and knowledge are taught and covered but so are the skills needed to be a geographer.  Our curriculum ensures that the skills are used as a pathway to knowledge.  The curriculum also has to produce a high-quality end product which is shared with a wider audience and creates a sense of pride within the school community.  Leaders are ambassadors for specific subjects and will ensure that skills are progressive, knowledge is built upon and retained and staff subject knowledge meets the needs of the challenging curriculum.  Key concepts are woven throughout the learning so they become fully internalised by the learners.

We believe that knowledge and skills need to underpin our curriculum so we have developed a skills progression across the whole school.  Skills are the pathway to knowledge and the specific knowledge is developed in line with the expectations of the national curriculum.  The key skills and knowledge that each of our projects covers can be seen in the year group page and is developing all the time as we create new projects across the coming year.

A key line of enquiry drives the learning across our wider curriculum projects and feed into the final outcomes of learning.

Curriculum evaluation

The curriculum is semi-blocked.  This means that throughout the year there is a key curriculum are focussed on each half term.  This is so that each of the key foundation subject is given a greater weighting in the project design for that term. The biggest benefit of this approach is that the curriculum teams can focus their curriculum evaluation on that term.

For further details about the curriculum at Rose Wood Academy, please ask at the School Office.