School Reopening Information

The information you need is within the letters above.  There is the original letter that was sent out and then individual details for the specific group your child is in.  You will have received details of which group your child is in via a direct dojo message.


The table below answers some of the key questions asked about reopening.  If you want to find anything else out please contact the schools.

School Reopening


How will we socially distance the children?



Small groups of approximately 10 children working together with one/two members of staff as an isolated group.  Each group will be in a separate room or segregated large area.


Older children will be kept apart through room design


It will not be possible to socially distance younger children within each group but they will not mix with other groups.  Open spaces and increased hygiene will be used to protect them.


To facilitate this not all children will be with their own class teacher.  They will all be with a familiar member of staff.


What will happen at break time?




Each group will remain together.  They will get regular short breaks outside throughout the day.  Older children will be encouraged to play games that allow some level of distancing.  Younger children will have lots of space to run around.


Play equipment will be shared as little as possible and if it is shared, it will be cleaned between uses.


What other measures are in place in the classroom?




Older children and year 1 will be provided with their own equipment including some electrical devices where appropriate.  They will not share their equipment with anyone else.  There will be access to soap and sanitiser, which will be regularly used.  There will be regular cleaning of surfaces.  The younger children will be provided with their own whiteboards, whiteboard pens and some additional equipment such as counters.


 What will happen at lunchtime?




Children will eat lunch either in the hall at a safe social distance or within their classroom.  They will only do so with their group.


What will happen at the start and end of the school day?


Each group/bubble will be allocated a specific drop off and pick up time.  They will also get their own specific entrance.  There will be marks to allow safe queues as you drop off or pick up children.  Only one parent can accompany the child to school.


What will they learn?


We will provide a proper curriculum focussing on early reading and phonics for the younger children. English, and Maths will be the primary focus for the older.  There will also be wider curriculum lessons and some creative learning.  Throughout the time in school there will also be a strong focus on mental wellbeing.


What happens if a member of staff or a pupil gets Covid 19?


There will be additional guidance provided on this.  The basic answer is that the group/bubble that the staff member or pupil is part of will be asked to self isolate.  Clear and detailed guidance on this will follow.