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Pupil Premium 2015 – 2016

The Pupil Premium is an additional amount of money allocated to schools for children in low-income families who are currently known to be eligible for fee school meals in both mainstream and non-mainstream settings and children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months.

To see how Rose Wood Academy spent the pupil premium grant it received for the year 2014/15 please see the table below. For more general information on the Pupil Premium you can also visit the Department for Education website

Pupil Premium Grant for 2016/2017 – to view please click on link below

PUPIL PREMIUM funding 2016-2017

Pupil Premium Grant for 2015/2016


Number of pupils and pupil premium grant to be received


Total number of pupils on roll 330 (FTE)
Total number of pupils eligible for pupil premium 62 FSM, 18 Ever 6, 7 LAC, 9 EYPP
Amount of Pupil Premium received per pupil £1200  ( £1900 LAC, £300 EYPP)
Total amount of Pupil Premium to be received £112,000


Nature of support
Project Objective Cost Outcome
Additional teacher in Upper Juniors To reduce class sizes

To improve feedback to children

£36,000 ·          Y6 in three classes, enabling PP children to be targeted more easily


·          Book Scrutiny showed detailed feedback to children in Y6 books. All pupil premium books were collected in.  Children had used teacher comments to edit and improve their work.


·          SATs:

Reading 67%

Writing 76%

Maths 69%

GPS 58%


Pupil Premium

Reading 50%    exc SEN

38%    inc  SEN

Writing 100%  exc SEN

77%   inc SEN

Maths   50%    exc SEN

28%    inc SEN

GPS      38%     exc SEN

38%     inc SEN


Additional teacher in EYFS 0.5 Children can be more easily targeted and ability grouped £15,000 ·          Targeted groups to address gaps in learning.

6 Children Pupil Premium. 50% achieved GLD. All 6 children made accelerated progress this year.


Additional TA hours in KS1/ Maintaining small class sizes in KS1 Children can be more easily targeted and ability grouped £15,000 ·          KS1 Intervention ‘Max’s Marvellous Maths’ has had a very positive impact on maths progress in Year 1. 3 children targeted have made accelerated progress of 4 steps in a term. 2/3 targeted children Pupil Premium


·          Phonics Screening *8/11 (73%) PP children achieved expected standard (based on last year’s threshold). *1/11 unable to sit phonics screening for medical reasons


·          KS1 SATS


Overall :Reading 84 %

Writing 77%

Maths 91 %

PP:         Reading  80%

Writing 70%

Maths  80%


Nursery Apprentice Early intervention for PP children £5,000 ·          Targeted interventions for PP children. PP 7 children. 85.7% (6 chn) at ARE.
Bungalow Project


To support learning by dealing with Social, Emotional and Behavioural issues £6,000 ·          Children receive specialist counselling or support which allows them to learn in school

·          Families are well supported


Subsidised Educational Visits (Residential) and After School Clubs To provide children with real life experiences and opportunities they would otherwise not have access to £2000 ·          All PP children have attended After School clubs during the academic year.


·          Robinwood residential subsidised for all Pupil Premium Children.

1 to 1 Reading from Beanstalk x2 helpers for 6 pupils (inc 4 pupil premium) To improve Reading levels and confidence £350 ·          Pupil 1 – expected progress. At ARE.

·          Pupil 2- Static. At ARE.

·          Pupil 3 – expected progress. At ARE.

·          Pupil 4 – Better than expected progress. At ARE.

PSA increased to full time To provide more mentor support to vulnerable children and their families £7,000 ·          Feedback from parent questionnaires shows very positive impact of full time PSA

·          Vulnerable children receive additional time with PSA both through scheduled times and when needed.

Additional Staff Training Increased awareness of ESB needs and attachment disorders £1,000 ·          PSA attended training on ESB and attachment disorders and is now putting advice into practice through her timetabled sessions with targeted children
Additional EWO service Attendance/ Lateness will improve £300 ·          EWO involved with 7 children, 4 of whom are Pupil Premium.

Significant improvements in attendance with 3 pupils. Further intervention needed for 1 pupil

Rewards to incentivise attendance Attendance will improve £300 Overall attendance is for 2015/2016 was 96.32 % which is above the 96% government set target. This is an increase on 2014/2015 attendance of 95.49%

Pupil Premium attendance has improved. For 2015-2016 the attendance was 96.32% in comparison to 95.49% the previous year.

Cinema trip used to incentivise identified children to promote attendance.  5 pupil premium attended following much improved attendance.

Percentage of Non- Teaching Deputy Head Ensure children are correctly identified and receiving additional support.  Allow NM to teach booster groups £10,000 ·          Deputy focus on PP children has ensured that PP children are identified, shared with staff and targeted appropriately. NM and LC have targeted interventions at key pupils.

£97,950- additional money to be used for support or resources as required